What Kind Of Society Does Kira Live In?: Video Analysis

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(1) What kind of society does kira live in?
Well, I want to know what kind of society does kira live in because for some reason while I was watching this short video on what the book is about. I notice that in order to survive you need to become a village threader,and I know definitely that kiria lives in a different society than ours.

(2) What happened to Kira’s mom?
I choose this question because while I was watching the short video it’s said that Kira was an orphaned. So I want to know what happened to her mom did she died of some sort of disease or did she committed a crime that sentenced her to death. (3) What is the ceremonial robe?
Well, particularly why I choose this question was because well first of all what is a ceremonial robe and, second of all does the ceremonial robe represent some sort of symbolic theme. Meaning, that
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What resonate with me after I watched this video was how in this video it gave a brief description and a picture on what “Gathering Blue” is going to be about. This video gave me a whole new perspective to look at for example when the video said “ Kira is an orphan, girl with a twisted leg” it gave me a sense of an idea on how kiria would look with her twisted leg. Another interesting thing I found to be very useful in this video was when in the video when her mom mentioned to kira “Take pride in your pain; you are stronger than those who have none” meaning when kira twisted her leg she had become a strong girl because your taking the pain everyday but you're becoming stronger than other people. This novel is different than “The Giver” because in this novel it is said that in their society they eliminate the weak while in “The Giver” they don’t eliminate no one because everyone is sameness meaning that no one is better than the other. Another reason why “Gathering Blue” is different than “The Giver” is for one reason in the book “Gathering Blue” kira is able to see color while in the book “The Giver” Jonas can’t see
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