What Kind Of Strategy Does Your Company Follow?

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Q1. Research what kind of strategy does your company follow? Apple Inc, a giant in the cell phone, tablet, computer and music player market follows a mixed strategy. Apple has been using a differentiation strategy since it started out in 1976. But throughout its tenure of product excellence till date, it has managed to keep its market share to a large amount. This indicates to the fact that Apple also believes in customer intimacy as without providing top of the line customer service and user experience it is indeed hard to retain customer loyalty. Hence we can conclude that Apple Inc’s success can be attributed to a mixed strategy. Q2. Briefly describe your firm’s background and its strategy based on available excellence. Background Apple Inc started as a computer company in 1976. However in 2001, Apple broke the barrier and started the Apple Ipod. The Ipod was a unique music player which evolved over the years and helped Apple become a leader in music player market. In 2007, Apple introduced the Apple Iphone, a product which is still the most operated phone in the world Apple is a consumer goods company which generates humongous revenue solely by selling electronics. Despite having a large number of competitors, Apple continues to enjoy a strong customer base which tells a lot about the electronic products they sell. They have an aesthetic design and use the state-of-the-art technology. This has been vital for the success of Apple Inc. Strategy – Differentiation Strategy
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