What Kind Of Writing And How Much Writing Are Required On The Job?

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Introduction The purpose of the interview is to attain knowledge on what it is like to work in the field of Information security and support with emphasis on cloud computing and virtualization in a health care environment. In today’s world, cloud computing is always a challenging task. Providing cloud services to the company and confirming that all employees comprehends and follows the requirements is an important factor of success in an organization. The name of the interviewee is Joseph Susai, who works as a Director of Information security and support services at SSM health care. SSM stands for Franciscan Sisters of Mary and is based in St.Louis, Missouri. The interview took place by phone on April 21th, 2015. Below are the main highlights of the interview, which are divided into sections. Team Communication: 1) What kind of writing and how much writing are required on the job? Most of the writing is in form of email addressed to various staff, vendors and Sr. Leaders. Training and awareness is another core responsibility in this position that requires regular communication, which is communicated via email, blogs and corporate news via business intranet site. 2) How important are oral communication skills as compared to written? Oral communication is more important in my position, as you will be constantly called to address senior leaders, to brief security incidents, threat situation and provide updates on project tasks. As a leader, oral communication is also
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