What Kind of Impacts Does Shrinking Families Have on Canada

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What kind of impacts does shrinking families have on Canada?

Over the last few decades Canadians’ desire and need for children has drastically changed. As stated in “Canada’s Shrinking Families”, “[C]anadian families are shrinking as fewer children are being born than in previous decades”(Mitchell 1). More and more data and information has emerging on family life in Canada, for example according to “ Canada’s Shrinking Families”, “[T]he average family size has declined from 3.7 members in 1971 to 3.0 in 2006” (Mitchell 1). Canada’s continuously changing society has changed its perspective on the need for larger families. As a result, this creates great impacts on Canada and its citizens. The impacts of shrinking families in Canada are considerably more positive as it can prevent overpopulation, create more positive impacts towards the Canadian economy, and cause an increase healthy child development. To begin with, shrinking families would have positive impacts on Canada because it can prevent overpopulation. The Encyclopedia of Human Geography defines overpopulation as “a country or region [that] has too many people and therefore is incapable of achieving and sustaining a suitable standard of quality of living” (Pitzl 168). Shrinking families in Canada can decrease the effects or the occurrence of overpopulation in Canada and worldwide. Increase in death rates, declines in adequate health care and a lack in family planning are some of the factors that are
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