What Kind of World Do You Want for the 21st Century?

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In 2012, the concentrated eruption of disputes in East Asia, the continued conflict between Pakistan and Israel both suggest that the haunting history has been and even is increasingly to be sources of distrust, hatred, and thus conflicts in the world. As the 20th century passed away, the 21st century has brought us a difficult task as how to deal with our tumultuous past. I hope that the world in the new century would be a world that can be at peace with its past---it would not be mired in the historical grievances, but would instead look into possibilities of the future. William Faulkner once said: “The past is never dead, it is not even past." This still holds truth today. Decades and even centuries on, our uncomfortable historical…show more content…
When I say a world at peace with the past, what I mean by “peace” is not necessarily the state of no wars or disputes, but rather, it describes a state of mind: inner harmony, healthy ego, etc. So in the 21st century world I vision, there might still be disputes over historical issues, but people would look at them more objectively and rationally, and deal with it with mutual respect and humanity. The past will remain embarrassed at times, but instead of reviewing its bitterness again and again, I hope that human beings could focus more on the possibilities of the present, and of the future. Because after all, we are currently the makers of history, and it is up to us that what kind of legacy we will pass on to our next

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