What Languages Do You Speak? Essay

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What languages do you speak? During a conversation last month I was asked “What languages do you speak?” Given that the potential opportunity has multiple languages involved it is a valid question. Now fast forward to a conversation I had this weekend where this question was asked in another matter and for different purpose. How do you communicate the value you bring to your client/business partner or put it in another context “What languages do you speak?” I learn an exceptionally noteworthy lesson both at General Electric and Siemens. In order to communicate how supply chain adds value to the enterprise one must communicate not only to one’s peers but notably to the C-Suite. Ignorance or arrogance aside, it is paramount to phrase any discussion in the language of finance and NOT just the language of supply chain (which includes sourcing, manufacturing, logistics). The finance discussion should be framed in such a way that creates a sense of urgency or ‘burning platform’ among the C-level sponsors and portrays you as a business leader who happens to be the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in supply chain. If you accomplish this I assure you will obtain the resources needed to accomplish your goals and objectives and be regarded as a valued business leader. All too often consultants and corporate supply chain professionals fail to elevate the discussion beyond the normal supply chain terminology. One reason for this is we tend to stay in our own little world. When we venture out
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