What Learning Has Occurred And How This Will Influence Future Practice As A Staff Nurse Working

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Chapter 6 Overview The final section of this dissertation will focus on reflecting upon the experience of undertaking a dissertation, what learning has occurred and how this will influence future practice as a staff nurse working in the NHS. The author will utilise Rolfe, Freshwater and Jasper’s (2001) model. The author chose this model as it is a simpler model than Gibbs (1998) model, Rolfe et al (2001) poses the questions ‘What? So what? And Now what?’ The author felt due to its simplicity that this model was more suited to this reflection. What? The author undertook a twelve thousand word dissertation as part of a BSc (Hons) nursing degree. The dissertation has been completed as a patchwork text order, consisting of 4 separate pieces…show more content…
So what? From completing this dissertation the author has learnt just how important research is and how essential it is for nurses to have an in-depth understanding of the care they are giving to their patients. This dissertation has helped the author have a great knowledge on CBT and just how effective and valuable it is in treating people who have sexually offended. Undertaking a patchwork assessment made the author reflect upon patient care and although we may consider an individual’s care needs individually, holistic care is the ultimate aim in delivering high quality patient care. Holistic care is seeing the patient as a physical, spiritual and psychological whole and not just focusing on one particular area (NursingTimes.Net 2009). A patchwork text is a type of assessment which consists of smaller sections that once put together becomes a comprehensible and combined piece of work (Scoggins and Winter 1999). Research is essential in all areas of nursing as nurses have a duty to ensure they are up to date with all relevant developments in nursing and should be able to give rationale for all care they give. Nursing research expands the evidence base and improves clinical practice (NursingTimes.Net 2014). Nurses need to have the ability to research a subject in order to keep up to date with the ever changing nursing practice and ultimately improve the delivery of care to our
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