What Led Italy To War In 1914

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WWI was a huge time period not only in European history but the world's history because it was the first major conflict involving different countries at one time. The war sparked nations to develop their armies and society so that in preceding life they will be viewed as a hierarchy to others. In this investigation Italy will be the focusing country and why they went to war in 1915. So what were the key motives that led Italy to join WWI in 1915? Before choosing the preceding two sources, secondary and primary sources including websites, treaties, and documents were found on the question above however, none had a lot of significance to answering the question provided. Source one a book written in 1917. Within the book is the speech the…show more content…
Coming into the war “Italy had [a lack of] resources” (Life In Italy) with, “almost no transportation or industries” (Life In Italy). Due to the lack of resources “Italy’s industrialization had begun to be built in the 1890s” (Life In Italy) which was well behind the leading countries such as Germany, France and Britain. Since Italy had a slow moving industrialization it’s economy wasn't where the country wanted it to be, and one reason for joining the war in 1915 was to grow their military which would allow for a stronger economy. Due to the slow industrialization Italy “lacked proper and sufficient ammunition [along with] vehicles and ammunition” (Life In Italy), resulting in a very weak army. Infact “Italy's army was from from being able to join conflict” (Life In Italy), and because of this in 1915 they joined the war hoping to rebuild that army which would also help grow its economy. When Italy joined the war they fought with the allies mainly because they would receive many benefits including “control over territory on [the] border [of] Austria-Hungary stretching from Trentino through the South Tyrol to Trieste” (Italy Declares War on Austria-Hungary). This guaranteed territory allowed Italy to “fulfill its national dream” (Italy Declares War on Austria-Hungary) and would allow it to grow its military by being able to control some land…show more content…
This did not work however because I quickly learned that there wasn't many articles, and or primary sources about Italy from the year 1914 or 1915. If there had been more of a selection for primary and secondary sources many historians including myself would be able to use those sources for a deeper analysis because there would be more facts to support your thesis. It is somewhat challenging for an historian to find primary sources and along with that secondary sources because I found that some may have been edited and given false information making it challenging for an historian to find very valuable information from secondary sources that haven't maybe been edited leading to false data. With that being said historians are able to make their lives much easier by finding primary sources because they are taken from the time of the event meaning that it would be very hard to know if the source had been edited meaning that it is a reliable source to use. After looking at some sources it was clear that I was presented with more facts from secondary sources and less perspectives from primary sources making the job a whole lot harder to get the perspectives from others at the time of the event. On the topic of primary sources I would like to add that primary sources
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