What Led Up To The Civil War Analysis

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Leading up to the Civil War, there were many dividing factors between the North and South. These included the issues involving the role of the federal government, the preservation of the Union, and states’ rights. Although all of these issues were important factors, the underlying issue of the morality of slavery was the driving force. Slavery was a hotly debated topic in America dating back well before the nation’s founding. The main cause of the American Civil War was the division of opinions between the North and the South on the topic of the morality of slavery.
This argument of whether slavery was right or wrong extended far past politics. There is evidence of this division causing tensions between the North and South even in a religious
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The Union leaders were advocating against slavery. In Mississippi’s Secession declaration, they stated that in the North the union “has enlisted its press, its pulpit and its schools against us, until the whole popular mind of the North is excited and inflamed with prejudice.” (Declaration of the Seceding States – Mississippi) This campaign against Southern society made the wedge between the people of the North and the South even wider. Through these campaigns, the North believed that their customs had the possibility of being threatened by the hostile society of the South.
During 19th century America, there were many differing opinions between the North and the South on all sorts of issues. The differences over slavery, however, could not be solved through peaceful means. There were deeply entrenched attitudes formed by propaganda, religious beliefs, and politics. The economic differences that had separated the North and South were extending outside of the workplace. Abraham Lincoln tried to prevent a split in the Union. However, it was impossible to avoid such an ending when the wedge was already so large. When the American Civil War started in
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