What Led Up To The Peloponnesian War

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In describing the events that lead up to the start of the Peloponnesian war, Thucydides cites the fear of Athenian power as the main motive for the war. This fear was without a doubt a very important factor in the lead up to the war. It was not, however, was not the most important factor. There were several other motives that were even more influential, especially disagreements between colonies and their mother countries. These disagreements were mainly between Corinth, Corcyra, and Epidamnus. While these factors weren’t as emphasized by Thucydides, they are just as important. It would seem as though Thucydides somewhat underestimated the extent to which the motives influenced the events leading up to the start of the war. Without these disagreements and conflicts between cities, the war would likely not have played out in the same way.…show more content…
As the city grew, they became increasingly plagued by war with their barbarian neighbors. In an effort to save their city, the Epidamnians sent ambassadors to Corcyra, their mother country, and asked for help, but the Corcyraeans refused. This would have no doubt upset and angered the people of Epidamnus. A mother country should do what it can to protect its colony. For the Corcyrans to reject the Epidamnians cry for help This started a chain of events that eventually escalated enough to start the Peloponnesian war. It is possible that without this initial step, the war might not have followed the same path it did. This was by
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