What Led to the United States Entering the Second World War, 1936-1941?

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“We shun political commitments which might entangle us in foreign wars…We are not isolationists except insofar as we seek to isolate ourselves from war…If we face the choice of profits or peace, this nation will answer…This nation must answer…We choose peace” Frank Delano Roosevelt, 1936 The Unites States of America was the last of the world’s great nations to fight in the Second World War. In the 1930’s, America did not use great economic, and political influence which she possessed to slow the aggressive expansionist ambitions of Germany, Japan and Italy (the Axis Alliance). Instead she chose to remain in isolation and withdrew from world affairs, which had a profound effect in the background to the war in 1939 . This essay will discuss the period between 1936-1941 and the reasons, which led America entering the Second World War in that period. In the next two paragraphs a brief reference is made to America’s expansionist past and the Spanish-American War which would provide background information about the topic of the essay in later paragraphs. Several factors account for America’s desire to adopt an expansionist foreign policy in the 1890’s. The rapid expansion of the U.S. economy after the civil war and completion of industrialization of the country which had been briefly hindered by civil war, allowed American industries to flood the domestic market with consumer goods. Mechanization and mass production combined with improvements in transport systems, especially
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