What Links Theory Into Practice Within The Classroom

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Introduction Methodology in EFL language teaching can be characterized in a number of ways. It is believed that methodology is what links theory into practice within the classroom. There are many different teaching methods that can be used in the classroom; in this essay I will compare and contrast the traditional grammar translation method, the communicative teaching approach and the audio-lingual method and the communicative approach and how they impact in the classroom environment. Deciding which method is best for the classroom can be difficult as each method has its own strengths and weaknesses both on teacher and the learner, one of the teacher’s most crucial tasks is to compare and evaluate different methods they use in the classroom in order to motivate students and to make their learning as effective as possible. The Traditional Grammar Translation Method The Traditional Grammar Translation Method is one the most used traditional methods it originally dates back to the 19th Century and was also used to teach languages such as Latin and Greek so that students would develop logical thinking and have the ability to read and translate classical texts. The Traditional Grammar Translation Method has been criticized in as to being problematic by some advocates who claim that teaching a language should only be learned by students through a more direct method and learned by speaking and listening to them rather than just studying about them. Approach The approach for

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