What Liquid Is The Most Important Type Of Water

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What liquid is the most needed in the world? As a hint, this liquid is essential for almost all or all organisms’ survivability. This liquid is called water. Water is the most important type of liquid because it fuels animals and plants’ bodies. Moving on, water is a natural resource that cannot be created by human intervention. As a result, water is not infinite in some areas and can be loss if exploited and not cared for. Because water is essential, the quality of water is critical to humans. For instance, if there are contaminations in humans’ drinking water, the threat of diseases and health problems become a concern. In addition, natural disaster to critically affects water significantly. With the previous statements in mind,…show more content…
In addition, “In East Porterville, drinking water comes from private wells, not public utilities. Of the community 's 7,300 residents, nearly 1,000 are without running water” (California Drought). With that in mind, many of the families in Porterville lost their access to free water because the drought dried the wells. In addition, the dried wells have prevent numerous families to function since water is a main resource for living: cooking, cleaning, etc. Therefore, the drought established more than an environmental issue, it developed a barrier for families to live a normal life. Because of the drought, California’s water treatment departments struggle with high chemical contaminated water. A drought can develop a chemical contamination because it forces families to conserve and reduce their water use, which limits the movement of water. As a result, the chemicals that are implemented to purify faucet and drinking water compounds with other matters: “with fewer people using water, the chlorine and organic matter were allowed to sit and concentrate” (cbs.localnews). Stockton, as an example, decides to purify the delta water with chlorine, but because the “chlorine particles react and form carcinogenic disinfectant byproducts, Stockton got into trouble with the EPA” (wired.com). Therefore, “Stockton found a higher
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