What Literature Teaches About Different Cultures

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Our world is full of hundreds of cultures, scattered all over the place, but when we can’t travel to every country on earth, how can we find out about these cultures. We can learn a tremendous amount about a culture, just through studying their literature. First of all, we can learn a great amount about their basic culture; their everyday life. We can also learn what kind of society they live in now, and what kind they did live in hundreds of years ago. And finally we can learn about their history simply from studying their culture. Culture isn’t only defined as a country’s history or what kind of society they live in, it’s also about simple things like what you eat, or what kind of bed you have, or what you believe in.
Culture can
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Korean culture believes that tradition is everything in literature, using the same metaphors or subjects for writing and putting them into you’re own poems is considered a very good thing to do. We can see this in many poems; Koreans use symbols and imagery to represent different things in their poems, a lot of poems talk about a river, a flower, or rolling hills, these all mean that time continues, a chrysanthemum or an orchid in a poems means virtue. There are many symbols that are in Korean poems that we see over and over again, this shows that in Korean culture tradition is beautiful.
Korea is ruled under a Confucianist society, and has been for over five hundred years, it’s a little more relaxed now, but the ideas of Confucianism are still there. When you’re in a Confucianist society there is the idea of “Law vs. Ritual” this means that people have internalized the idea of not breaking the law, up to 99% of Koreans don’t even know what would happen if they broke the law because they know you just “don’t do it”. This is present in the film “Joint Security Area” (JSA), the Koreans have internalized the idea that you do not cross the line that separates North and South Korea.
Relationships in Korea have been shaped around the idea of Confucianism. In Korea the Caste System is still present to this day; however it is not as strong as it used to be. In the Caste System you should only talk
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