What Little Free Time College Has Left Me

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My personal learning style is a mixture between reading and writing (10), and aural (9), which the VARK test classifies as multimodal. This actually surprised me because I am more of a right brained person according to the test (~65%), and reading and writing are more left brained functions. Personally, I revel in reading and writing in the creative sense. In what little free time college has left me, I read books, blogs, and write short stories for my friends. This applied to my learning is slightly different, because I am given less creative freedom, but in any sense, I tend to be good with words. The aural part only partially surprised me because I focus best when engaged in an activity. Though I recognize it in having similarity to me being able to memorize songs, movie quotes etc, very easily. It also helps if my instructor keeps things interesting. I personally appreciate how Mrs. Ross keeps me on my toes in College Success, though I doubt you 'd hear the same from the majority of my classmates.

In my first class, College Success five study tips helping me learn are taking key-point notes, doodling, taking part in class discussions and speaking in front of the class, following along in the book, and previewing and reviewing assignments. I find myself using more of reading and writing than any other learning style in this class. To help myself retain the aural part of class, I take notes on key points, and doodle for the in between. The key-point notes help me to…
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