What Little Free Time College Has Left Me

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My personal learning style is a mixture between reading and writing (10), and aural (9), which the VARK test classifies as multimodal. This actually surprised me because I am more of a right brained person according to the test (~65%), and reading and writing are more left brained functions. Personally, I revel in reading and writing in the creative sense. In what little free time college has left me, I read books, blogs, and write short stories for my friends. This applied to my learning is slightly different, because I am given less creative freedom, but in any sense, I tend to be good with words. The aural part only partially surprised me because I focus best when engaged in an activity. Though I recognize it in having similarity to…show more content…
That may seem a bit oxymoronic, but without doodling my brain goes off on its own tangents. Doodling sort of anchors me to pen, paper, and the lecture. I also enjoy and benefit from taking part in class discussions and speaking in front of the class. I find that when I speak in front of the class, or ask questions, I retain that information better. There are times in class where I can fall behind, or get a bit confused, and at this time I refer to the book to help get me back on course with the rest of the class. Assignments can also get me a bit confused. I try to review assignments beforehand, to have questions prepared. Then again in class I review the assignments, take notes on them, and ask questions. Though it is early in the semester these techniques have proven effective for me in College Success.

My second, and probably most challenging class, is General Psychology. The learning tips I can employ in General Psychology are asking for examples of theories and looking for them in my daily life, paying special attention to theories, key terms, and statements, reading the text in a quiet, distraction free, area, using the flashcards provided to me on the MyPsychLab website, and taking extensive and detailed notes. Psychology can be, and usually is, a rather convoluted subject. Getting examples of theories helps me to understand better, and look for these
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