What Love Is Like Puzzle

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What Love Really Is Love is like puzzle, a four letter-puzzle that most people take their whole lives slowly putting it together piece by piece. Love is also like a Rubik 's Cube, it needs knowledge, variety, time, playfulness, and patience. There is not guarantee the puzzle will be solved, but if it is, it will have that happily ever after feeling. Love is a feeling and also an emotion. It takes commitment, sacrifice, can cause plain but also feels rewarding and appreciated at times. It also can just over all make people happy. Love shared through family is the kind of love that is almost impossible to break. Family is blood related so even if they mess up, there 's always some type of love for your family no matter how crazy, how close, or how different they might be. Love for friends is common because people can be wild and crazy around them, yet they will lend a shoulder to cry on when it seems as if the weight of the world is being pressed on your shoulders. Friendship is love that can be trusted with secrets and goofiness at the same time. Then there is love for that special someone. When experiencing this love it may give people butterflies, and makes people feel at home even if there miles away as long as that person is there. It is the feeling of family and friendship combined into one. This love can be that hardest love to controls, and is all about finding the right person at the right time and place in your life and realizing he or she could benefit your life.

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