What Made English Interesting to Me: A Reflection

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What Made English Interesting To Me Professor Hershman R. John is an English 102 professor at Phoenix College and Arizona State University. He appears to have a lot of experience in teaching English. Professor John gives very detailed instruction and is helpful in respects to make sure the student understands the concepts of each section of material. He makes sure that students understand what is expected of them in each assignment and fully understands how to perform the task. Professor John is firm in learning the MLA formatting of essays and following the rules of the university. He gave explicit and detailed instructions on the technique to ensure all students understand and could follow it. He encouraged students to ask questions with things they did not understand or were struggling to accomplish. During the semester, four essays were written. The Personal Narrative essay was difficult because of childhood experiences. It required reflection on life where past experiences made if difficult in wanting to remember at all. It required all past experiences, good and bad, that makes me the person I am now. It helped to learn to appreciate the good things by measuring them against the bad ones and helped to realize I didn't have to go back to those experiences again. The hard times help me to remember to work hard to go forward in life to avoid the same experiences again. All the reflection in this essay allowed me to transmit the part of identity that is immersed in

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