What Made Non Violence Work?

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What Made Non-Violence Work? While when discussing the history of the world’s power forces, violence makes for stimulating discussion, other tactics were put to good use, one of these alternatives being non-violence. With the guidance of three worldwide heroes - Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela - with contagious optimism and high spirits, it became apparent just how much of a difference could be made carried out through non-violent terms. Mankind was introduced to another way to resolve major problems just as effectively, if not more, than violence could. Mohandas Gandhi was the first recorded individual to adopt a non-violent method based form for change. His primary objective was for people of all ethnicities and social class to live freely amongst each other, even those inflicted upon by India’s ancient caste system. Gandhi’s efforts mostly called for a change to the life of those considered to belong to a lower class. As a very well educated individual, he disowned his sophisticated attire and embraced poor man’s traditional loincloth, making his own clothes and doing his own chores. In the process of fighting for equality, Gandhi was arrested, imprisoned, and physically abused on several occasions throughout his life. These encounters gave him the title of a visionary and a leader to many, including friends, and eventually fellow members of the Indian and South African community. “.....India’s prestige is in your hands.

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