What Made Theodore Roosevelt a Great Leader? Essay

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What made Theodore Roosevelt such a great president and person? Many people aspire to be like him, but he sets a high bar for humanity. He is in many people's opinions one of the greatest presidents of the United States, so incredible that his face is set in stone and will be for hundreds of years in the future. Theodore Roosevelt, Junior was born on October 27, 1858. His father was Theodore, Roosevelt, Senior and his mother was Martha Stewart Bulloch. He lived in New York City in a section that is called today, Gramercy. Theodore had an older sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister. When young Roosevelt was often sick, he had to sleep propped up in a or slouching in a chair. Theodore boxed and exercised to fight his…show more content…
The Lincoln Principle, If you never try, you'll never succeed, applies greatly to Theodore Roosevelt. If he had not tried to change America many things would be different even now. He regulated businesses more so that they didn't become as powerful as they were becoming. He wanted to change things so he did. If he had not pushed to have the Panama Canal finished it probably would have taken much longer and more people may have died in the making of the Canal from going slower and more mosquitos and such insects are able to suck the blood from people. This puts them at a higher risk to get diseases transmitted by the insects. Remember that the best leaders never stop learning also applies to Roosevelt. He knew that he had to learn from his advisors as well as the American people and had to listen to what they wanted as well. He learned from people wherever he went. Because he was a fan of Progressionism he knew that to go forward he had to listen to more than just what he thought, and that he couldn't be stubborn. Roosevelt would try to not make mistakes when speaking publicly. Roosevelt could not afford to be a bad speaker as then it would reflect badly on the United States Government and the People's choice of the best possible candidate for president. People would listen to his words, he knew if he said the wrong thing it could
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