What Major Trends Do You See Affecting The Roles Of Purchasing Managers During The Next Decade?

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A) What major trends do you see affecting the roles of purchasing managers in the next decade?
In the globalization era, there are several major trends that affect to the roles of purchasing manager. As emerging markets assume a greater role in the global economy, the traditional demand and supply poles that have shaped global commerce over the last 50 years will change dramatically. More and more global company will have their purchasing managers based in China, India or Brazil. The procurement teams need to start developing expertise in local emerging market sourcing in China, Brazil, and India, as well as other developing economies. Sustainability is an essential strategy to business, especially the global company. Procurement function
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The procurement leaders need to encourage their teams to adopt a social mindset and operating model that will sustain the corporate brand in this more transparent era. The people is in a center of change dimensions. The future purchasing leaders will assess their intellectual, geographic diversity, and recruiting sources. Procurement teams will expand and attract more people with backgrounds in education and professional services. Geographical shifts into new emerging market will require procurement teams to have a diverse workforce that will be more relevant to local social and cultural dictates. In the transparent world, the procurement organizations to go far beyond corporate social responsibility and must have a multidimensional approach to managing the supply chain. We cannot forget the foundation factors of purchasing organization including information system, finance and risk. As big data is increasingly intertwined into corporate decision-making processes, the purchasing manager will need to become more comfortable with advanced data mining and analysis techniques. They will also need to develop financial acumen that rivals those of their finance counterparts to build a leading company. The procurement risk management will adopt a more holistic strategy that includes total risk exposure, risk mitigation investments and risk transfer pricing. The procurement leaders
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