What Makes A Bad Leader And How They Can Improve

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Background I work Fulltime at Electrical Supply Company and I have observed many types of leaders in my time working both as a manger and as an employee. For the purpose of this assignment I am going call this person John Doe. He is a bad leader because he lacks compassion, integrity, and the will to see things through. During my time working their I have had this manger chastise me in front of my employees causing me to lose credibility. Also, when he visits the store he is always on his phone sometimes he even cuts me off mid conversation to answer a call. In my opinion, this demonstrates a clear lack of communication skills and situational awareness when dealing with other human beings. John Doe has demonstrated an inability to change or improve. However, in the following paragraphs I am going to provide a constructive criticism of this person’s leadership skills. Furthermore, I will identify what make them a bad leader and how they can improve. Leadership Analysis Leadership is among the most vital aspects of group communication. It encompasses a variety of skills and qualities. Researchers in psychology, business, communication, and other areas have written comprehensively about the conditions and performance of leaders and ways of improving leadership skills. It is imperative to note that even if an assemblage can have an authorized manager, other team members also play significant leadership roles. Anybody in an enterprise can be placed in the position of leadership,
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