What Makes A Big Deal?

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I know I’m probably just making a big deal out of nothing with this and it probably doesn’t even matter anymore nothing I say will change anything it is what it is. I just hope this doesn’t make things worse I hope you’re still my friend after this. Yes it’s long but it 's what’s on my mind and I want to tell you about it please read it or at least try too.
I understand what we had was just a fling yes we are just friends I get that. You did not mess me up instead of thinking of it like that I think of it like this I took a risk give you my virginity and did this type of relationship with you knowing that one day we would go our separate ways. Knowing that this was not love but friendship knowing that it was just sex and just for fun. I knew this from the start it was my choice. If I never took that risk with you I would have never learned what I know now. It was an eye opener I have a better understanding I do not regret anything that we did and I get that flings move on from each other. You were very patient with me and good to me. You were always honest with me when it came to sex and that taught me a lot too. I do not blame you saying you lead me on or think of you in a bad way I never have and never will. I know you’re not a bad man yes you have issues just like the rest of the world and it’s understandable why acted the way you have and hopefully now that’s changed for you.
I’ll admit yes, at first, I did get hurt and I was disappointed when you told me you found that…

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