What Makes A Big Deal?

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One glorious hour later Toren has finished working out my knots, and I feel like butter. Before leaving the room, he tells me to take my time and to get up slowly when I am ready. Part of me doesn’t ever want to leave this place. It is peaceful here, no one asking me how I am doing, looking at me wondering what he or she should say if I spoke to them, or if they should say anything at all. You would really think that after three months that maybe, just maybe people would have figured out how to have a normal conversation with me. The soft music and the scent of jasmine still fill the air as I start to uncover myself from the warm blankets. My clothes tossed on a nearby chair are waiting for me to put them back on. Do I really have to do anything more today? Can’t this be enough? Jack and I never use to make a big deal about our anniversary so why should they. Ok well not making a big deal wasn’t by choice it was mainly because when we first got married we were new parents, young and so broke we could not even afford to put our two cents in to a conversation. Jack was making just barley over minimum wage starting out as a landscape technician, which was just a fancy way of saying he cut grass, sprayed for weeks and plowed snow in the winter. I worked odd retail jobs at night so we could avoid day care costs. Even when he started making more and we became for financially stable we were so used to doing something that didn’t cost much that we never thought of doing anything
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