What Makes A Blessing?

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Sometimes, I ask myself: "Is this life even worth living?" Would you call someone noble if they choose to still go on with life knowing that it will only result into more pain and suffering? Life gives us these "challenges" and we are supposed to rise to the occasion and conquer those challenges, but all I see is facing more grief and more agony. It is outrageous to think that this life is a blessing when breathing itself is torture itself to my very being. And even if we say that we did "rise to the occasion" and went against the odds, or these "challenges" that life has thrown upon us; is that really going to put an end into it? If anything, dying might be the best solution to all my problems. Dying is like sleeping. When you sleep, you don 't feel anything. Your problems, your heart aches, any kind of stress that life throws upon you, you forget and you don 't feel it when you sleep. Although, sleeping is only temporary. When you wake up from your slumber, all of the weight of your heavy heart will resurface and all your pain will come back to haunt your soul. While death on the other hand, everything is permanent. That 's something that I can look forward to.

To die is almost the same as to sleep. However, sleeping comes with the possibility of dreaming, which is probably it 's catch. Death itself might also have its catch. Who knows what kind of dreams might come when you 're dead and you 've left the chaos in your life? That 's another dilemma to worry about. We…

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