What Makes A Book Great?

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What makes a book great? Is it the book’s ability to relate to your past, to impress you with its dynamic characters, or another reason that may be only understood by the reader? There are many things that factor into the greatness of a novel. The characteristics which define a novel as being “great” can differ depending on the person, organization, or other collective which has chosen to read that selected literature. In 2015, the Vermont College of Fine Arts devised a competition that would pit various pieces of literature against each other. In order to qualify for the Vermont Book Award, the novel had to have strong ties to Vermont either through its story line or through the background of the author. Titles such as Belzhar, Like Water on Stone, and If Only You People Could Follow Directions were all considered by the judges selected by the College of Fine Arts. In order to rank the books that were included in this competition, a judge must find what, in their mind, separates an excellent book from the greatest book. Book covers, themes, difficulty, and number of characters are just a few of the reasonable ways in which a reader could judge a novel. When given the seeming impossible task of ranking a large number of books against each other, a judge must create a rubric which outlines what is important to them. In the rubric which I have created for the following semester of EN102, I have chosen the categories which I have deemed as the most important for the

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