What Makes A Brand?

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Nowadays fashion brand is more in more participate people’s life. Consumers prefer trust high awareness brand rather than nameless brand, for example, there is a survey provided that in the whole sample was familiar with Tesco brand with 88.7% of participate people choose Tesco product (Ross and Harradine, 2011). Brand is a relationship between consumers and business, is a communication for getting familiar with each other. For instance, when someone mentioned Burberry, people will associate trench coat, when some mentioned Nike, people will associate sports wear. Brand is a logo, a name, and it also contain numerous aspects, such as, image, product quality, service, status. Brand effect will impact consumers’ choose, therefore,…show more content…
The essay will be divided into four parts. First is a brief background introduction, which are the situation of fashion market, and brand status importance. Then is literature review, which will outline the development of brand personality and positioning, definition of brand equity, and the brand importance. The third part is the applications of Burberry, how Burberry makes decisions on brand strategies, which aspects Burberry achieve, and what is Burberry’s gain.

Literature review
Background knowledge
Brand personality
Aaker (1997) defined brand personality is the set of human characteristics associated with a brand. Aaker’s framework as figure 1 shows, and it represented “Big Five” personality model, which are the original work (Norman 1963; Tupes and Christal 1958), NEO Model (McCrae and Costa 1989), Big Five Prototypes (John 1990), ACL (Piedmont, McCrae, and Costa, 1991), and Inter-Circumples Model (McCrae and Coata 1989). The framework was divided five brand dimensions: sincerity (Down-to earth, honest, wholesome, cheerful), excitement (daring, spirited, imaginative, up-to-date), competence (reliable, intelligent, successful), sophistication (upper class, charming), and ruggedness (outdoorsy, tough).
Figure 1

Brands do indeed possess personalities (Arora and Stoner, 2009). Brand personality in some aspect could impact consumer’s choice, because unique brand personality can be differentiated in the consumer’s mind
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