What Makes A Brand Loyalty With Our Customers?

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In today’s society the need for accessibility is in demand. Society wants to be able to: (1) access all the information the internet has to offer, and (2) share this information with their friends, family, and colleagues in an environment where they can socialize with one another. Hot Tea Iced Coffee aims to provide our customers with this unique forum where they can utilize the internet for business, entertainment, and communication purposes; all while doing so in a relaxed yet social environment.

In order to set ourselves apart we realize that it is pivotal for us to build a brand around the services we offer. In order to effective market these services we realize we must utilize local television, radio, and print advertising methods. We also understand that marketing is just the first step. We realize that in order to build brand loyalty with our customers we need to focus on making sure our staff is customer orientated; we need to make sure our staff is abreast of the latest technology and skills; and we need to make sure our customers enter and leave feeling like they are the only customer in the facility.


Although, Iced Tea Hot Coffee has only been in business for two months we have received positive feedback from our customers about the services we offer. However, we feel we need to begin implementing the strategic information we outlined in our initial business plan: how we can differentiate ourselves from normal
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