What Makes A Business A Good Business? Essay

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Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and transgender make up one of the largest minority groups in the workforce but happen to be the least discussed when it comes to building relationships with employees. As a result, they deal with numerous challenges in terms of them coming out to employers, wage inequality, GLBT employee support groups, the effects of GLBT (non) discrimination on the workplace and business outcomes are identified as the major themes of my current review. Social institutions, legal frameworks, and cultural norms were determined as the key pillars of sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace.

Sexual Discrimination 3


During the entirety of this course we discussed, what makes a business a good business, and the relationships within the business that allows it to flourish. From effective communication to strategic planning, we failed to discuss the minority and how their employers to ensure equality in the workplace accommodate them. Todays, workforce has become more diverse in the terms of gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Sexual orientation continues to be the elephant in the room. It is continued to be the last acceptable remaining prejudice in most societies in comparison to other forms of diversity. Therefore, those that identify lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual, these employees tend to face the
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