What Makes A Business?

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Over the years, it has come to the attention that consumers are changing their behavior in product selection due to countless influential factors that vary from individuals backgrounds to cultural foundations, and in return lead to a change in consumption. With change being so spontaneous, unsteady and frequent, it is extremely important that marketers and all businesses focus on the factors leading to consumer behavior in order to best understand consumer insights. Failure to do so can only hinder a business because marketers will fail to know how to properly engage and connect with their potential consumers, which can trigger negative long-term effects. By understanding why and how customers react to a certain way and how their…show more content…
These elements as a whole align to meet a company’s needs to best fulfill their goals in providing exemplary service and quality. It should come to no surprise that UPS is in fact the world’s largest package delivery company and provider of supply chain management solutions. Although the company was initially founded as a domestic business, it was only a matter of time that it would expand internationally, thus becoming the leader in the market for logistic services. The fact that UPS enduring beliefs continue to combine with the businesses strategy statements prove how the company’s value concept is strictly focused around the consumers’ needs and wants, and not the service itself. Moreover, the added value comes not only from their values, but most importantly from leading by example through quality and efficiency and how they “remain constructively dissatisfied in our pursuit for happiness (UPS Values)”. What strengthens United Parcel Service’s value is the way it manages to separate itself within its market. This can vary from a products price, to a product’s advertising technique. What is important to value is the way in which consumers are swayed into preferring one brand or service other the other. Consumer behavior will vary is different brands, services and situations, but in this particular
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