What Makes A Business?

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The three careers I chose were Fashion Writer, Information Security Analyst, and Software developer. A fashion writer is a writer who specializes in the area of fashion. For example, fashion magazines, online magazines, blogs, and advertisements. An Information Security Analyst is a protector of information systems. They focus on shielding company’s computer systems from cyberattacks and things of that nature. A software developer develops applications or develops the underlying systems needed to run devices that control networks. Based on the criteria given salary and passion are the most important factors for me when it comes to a career. However, passion is a slightly more important because as long as you love what you are doing, you will find happiness no. Which is why salary is rated 30 percent, while passion is rated 35 percent. Location is the next vital aspect, because depending on your location your salary can differ, which is why location is weighted 20 percent. How many hours you work a week is another career determining aspect. However, it is not the most important which is why I gave a score of 10 percent. Environment is the least important to be because if I have passion where I am working does not matter. Also, my choice of careers will automatically reflect on my working environment. This is why I rated environment five percent.
The median salary for a fashion writer annually is $47,000 (Fashion Writer/Fashion Editor Job Description, Career as a Fashion
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