What Makes A Business?

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Majoring in business can be quite amusing because your able to work in almost any business whether it’s in the stock market industry, fashion industry, Design industry, or even technology industry. So why study business? Well there are many different business degrees to choose from, offering different benefits and specializations to people with different career goals and people who are also developing at different stages. I believe that business people always strive for being transparent because no business person likes to be duped or surprised. When a person in the business industry plan goes wrong; they must admit and try again. In other words, say what you do and do what you say. It’s important that you learn from your mistakes. That…show more content…
Apple’s navigation on their products (IPhone, IPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook Pro) is just so simple and it’s not confusing at all because it looks all the same on every product. When it’s your first time owning an Apple product, yes it can be confusing at first however, you become addicted to it. I really enjoy how everything is connected through ITunes. All of my messages, pictures, and notes are in every device making it less stressful for me because I can easily pull anything up. Also Apple released Apple Music about a year or two ago. It’s way better thank Spotify and any other music stream. Its $9.99 monthly but if you’re a student you get a discount which drops down to $4.99 monthly. Apple has ventured in software’s and of producing the famous multimedia software’s and iLife. Apple’s products are defiantly more expensive than Microsoft. A MacBook goes for about $999.00 Starting without taxes. If any of your apple products get damaged, you can’t just have anyone fix it. Most likely have to go to the Apple store to get it fixed and if you don’t have warranty or insurance you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Trust me it’s not cheap. “Our vision is to create innovative technology that is accessible to everyone and that adapts to each person 's needs. Accessible technology eliminates barriers for people with disabilities and it enables individuals to take full advantage of their capabilities." released by Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation.
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