What Makes A Business?

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In every organisation, large or small, be it a multimillion pound business to a sole trader, change is inevitable, it is an essential part of every business to allow for the organisation to be a better and successful business by updating their means of structure and moving forward with the developments of the world which are increasingly complex and possibly untested. This can be, for example, technological, economical, or even cultural changes, however there are major trends, one of which are shaping change within organisations, and that this managerial influences. New organisational forms such as strategic alliances provide organisations with new ways of thinking about how to manufacture goods and deliver services. "The strategic alliance, for example, has emerged as one of the indispensable tools in strategy implementation" (Cummings and Worley, n.d.). During 2014, I worked for Panasonic UK, within the visual system solutions (VSS) team; I worked within the Business-to-Business (B2B) division, specifically selling high-end professional displays and projectors. My main priority was to take full responsibility of the coordination and distribution of all the demo stock (DS) that are held within the UK warehouse. Entailing all the displays and projectors that are in this year’s line-up. Having a demo pool of products for the organisation to utilize is seen as quite vital and Panasonic heavily rely on its success. Manufacturers know that the consumer wants to see and test

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