What Makes A Buyer Driven Commodity Chain Is Walmart

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Commodity chains are what keeps this country’s people shopping. There are two types of commodity chains, producer-driven and buyer-driven. The producer-driven chains are formed and found in industries where the producers of specific product control their own global production (manufacturers). Buyer-driven chains are retailers or brand name merchandisers who establish and control global production of their products. These are referred to as buyers because they source their global goods from suppliers globally. One huge example of a buyer-driven commodity chain is Walmart. As I read this article, which discusses many things about Walmart and what it has done to the American economy, I am surprised and disgusted. Walmart claims that they are family oriented and here for their workers. We are not anti-union we are pro-associate. If this is the case, how could they conduct their business in such a way that it hurts Americans? Are these Americans not their workers? Why, then, are they not supporting American manufactures? The author suggests that there are ten ways that Walmart has destroyed manufacturing jobs in America, and that Walmart’s role in this is under estimated. Walmart is the largest Company in America and it holds tremendous power over the market. Walmart could have helped build up the American economy, but instead, has chosen to use this power to eliminate manufacturing jobs and to lower labor standards through its entire supply chain. There are ways

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