What Makes A Child Butt Out At Their Parents And Others? Essay

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What makes a child lash out at their parents and others? Does the impact of war life destroy a veteran’s home? These are questions that medical professions analyze daily in psychological treatments of individuals. Psychological theory is the science that models the understanding of human thoughts, emotions and behaviors (Cherry, 2016).
What is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? PTSD is a very serious anxiety disorder that occurs in an individual following an unsuspected experience or even by witnessing a traumatic experience in a person’s life. A traumatic experience could be a life threatening event from military combat, natural disasters, serious accidents or even physical or sexual assault in adults and children or adolescents (Dodson, 2010). Psychological causes of PTSD are widely identified by medical professions to be the number one cause of mental disturbance among children, adolescents and veterans. There have been horrific impacts of traumatic childhood experience or cognitive development abilities that have impacted among children and adolescents. The traumatic affects to those veterans who attempt to fight through demons due to the experience of being on the battlefield. Post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by sexually abused children could have long term effects in their occupational, social and over-all lifestyle. Numerous American soldiers that have returned from the traumas of war have experienced posttraumatic stress disorder; an emotional illness
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