What Makes A Christian?

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All individuals are entitled to and subscribe to a different worldview. Although worldviews may overlap in certain aspects, many of them are nothing alike. All throughout time and around the globe, people have continuously held beliefs that varied from others around them and made their group different from the rest, this is part of what makes humans unique and interesting. This fact does not mean that a specific view is more accurate or more pertinent, simply different. While acknowledging that all ideas are not equal, it is also important to note that each human has been made equally and is free to think and choose what to believe as they wish. As a Christian, I acknowledge and truly hold fast to the idea that God the creator of the…show more content…
God is far more powerful than all of the beings which reside on earth combined, for he made them all and knows their inner workings, strengths, and weaknesses. He is aware of what happens in our lives at every moment and is there to guide us and help us through the hard times, constantly teaching us how he would want us to live. He can be anything to anyone in need, he is strong, wise, holy, almighty, loving, and many more aspects that he slowly reveals to us as we believe in him and will continue to reveal when we pass from our earthly bodies to the heavenly forms he has waiting for us in heaven.
The whole of the Lord’s creation is all around us, and is composed of the things we see, as well as the things we cannot see (Characteristics of God 2005). God has made the universe, the planets, and the starts, the earth, and everything within it. He created the Earth, the Sun. the entire universe and all that is included within it. The mountains and valleys, the rivers and seas, the animals of the great deep, the birds which fly in the air, and the creatures which roam the planes of the earth are all his creation and all were carefully and lovingly made (Genesis). Humanity
While not every human follows the guidance of human nature, we were meant to be kind and thoughtful of others, to treat others as you would like to be treated, and take care of ourselves and those around us. The sinful events that man has
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