What Makes A Civilization?

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Amongst the three books we’ve read and discussed the key similarity between them are civilizations. Starting from the beginning leading to the highest point in progress, then the quick downfall, The only difference is their point of view and what they thought civilization was based on the material they’ve collected and others work they’ve reviewed. So I’ll start with the question, “What is civilization?” civilization is the stage of human social development and organization that is considered more advanced. With that in mind each of these authors show a different insight into this development.
Paul Kriwaczek shows civilization in the perspective that everything is a version of playing, and he puts it simply. The beginning, the middle and highest point, then the end. Fredy Perlman retells the ancestries, and progress of civilization perceived as the organized self-enslavement and self-alienation of societies. Susan Wise Bauer has the light fact that humanity needs hierarchy in the background of her opinions but tries to keep a more neutral point of view. What makes a civilization? There are about 10 things that make up civilization, here are 5 and I will go more in-depth with them at a future period in this review: Development of literacy, religion, economic classifications, social classes, and forms of government.
Beginning with the positives of civilization, the improvement of agricultural science. Kriwaczek describes the hardships people had to overcome to produce food
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