What Makes A Club A Choice Of Entertainment For The Patrons Of Wichita

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With little entertainment options in Kansas, there is always one place you can go to let loose and have fun. Club Rodeo is the only club in Wichita that offers prime entertainment for the price. Club Rodeo informs us that “[they] have the only live snot-slinging bull riding action in Kansas” (web). Everyone that goes there would agree with their quote. Therefore, I will evaluate what makes this club a prime choice of entertainment for the patrons of Wichita. The criteria for my evaluation will be: the atmosphere of the club, the patrons and staff, and the entertainment options offered. The atmosphere of this club gives the country vibe that many residents love. Once you get there, you must pay a cover charge to get in. The cover charge ranges from four to fifteen dollars, depending on whether your over or under twenty-one years old. As soon as you walk in, your submerged by the mass amount of people and loud music. Their choice of music varies between country and pop music. Specifically, for those that like two-step and pop music for grinding and letting loose. The drink prices are a lot cheaper than most bars around Wichita. They always have drink specials, such as one dollar rattlesnake shots and three dollar domestic wells. They also offer half price drinks from seven to nine o-clock. The outdoor smoking patio and bar offers a nice get away from the loud noise, so you can converse with your buddies. People should watch what they say or who they bump into, as the patio is

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