What Makes A College Degree?

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I was recently prompted, by several frustrating college enrollment experiences, to ask myself: “what is the meaning of, or the value of, or the significance of a college degree?” Why do “I” need another college degree? I already have two! The journey I took in seeking answers to these questions was, for me, very enlightening, and I want to share that journey of discovery with you, the reader.

Some background might be in order. After earning, in the past 5 years, a Bachelor of University Studies degree, with a GPA of 3.38 and a Masters of Education degree with a GPA of 3.97, I felt I needed to seek a third degree. This time just for the fun of it. I applied for a Masters program in the field of psychology and encountered many, many barriers. So many nonsensical barriers that I withdrew my application. It was clear in that situation - I was being marginalized, and subsequently not going to be chosen for (as they said) the one slot in the upcoming semester, because of my age. I then applied at another University for a program of study in political science and was told that the University required a transcript from every school I had attended. They wanted, no they insisted, that I go back fifty plus years to a credit from a correspondence course and a credit for a military basic training program. Forget the two recent demonstrations of academic ability - they insisted on the 50 + year old proof of having taken a correspondence course. I withdrew that application. I
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