What Makes A College Education Worth It?

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I am a freshman in college and I like to believe that I am going to school to better myself and the world around me. Unfortunately, many people only go to college for the substantial pay raise that a college education provides (averaging about double). What makes a college education worth it? What do we learn in college that is worth thousands of dollars and the long hours of sleepless nights? As a college student I very often feel that college is indigestible, the information we consume is merely regurgitated for assorted exams and assignments only to be forgotten when the information is no longer useful to a grade. Some of the things I learned in college had nothing to do with the information I ingested but with the life lessons I’ve learned while trying to balance work, school, and relationships. I now understand college is less about how much you know and more about how to apply it to our futures. Here are two of the biggest lessons I have learned about managing money and prioritizing your life. Money is important, very important. How many times have you heard someone say, “Money doesn’t buy happiness” or some other quote teaching us not to envy wealthy lifestyles? Dismissing money as something that is not important is a vast misconception. Don’t mistake my words money is not everything, it can be a means to an end but it is a means of enabling you to shelter yourself, to build and provide a solid life for your family, and to give your excess to others around you. In…
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