What Makes A Cross?

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I couldn’t just draw one image to represent my culture because I believe one’s culture entails a variety of different aspects. I drew a cross because a cross represents Christianity. Religion is a big part of one 's culture because it represents one’s beliefs. I then drew a dictionary to represent language becauses language gives culture meaning. Lastly, I drew the symbol for recycling, police officers, and peace. To some, these symbols mean nothing because of the culture they grew up in, to others these symbols have an important meaning to them. Every culture has its own set of symbols that each have different meanings. Our culture is also shaped through our values. Values are behaviors or morals one finds important in life. Every culture has a set of values that determine what is important to the society. Robert Kohls made a framework of U.S values and compared them to the values of other countries. He states “all 13 of these American values are judged by many of the world’s citizens as negative and undesirable” (Kohls 1984:8). This proves that the culture you live in affects your values and what you believe. Our values within our culture lead to norms that people are expected to follow. Norms are a standard behavior that people are expected to follow. If one breaks a norm sanctions are the consequences that follow. An example of these three concepts together would be the value of patriotism, followed by the norm of flying the national flag on a holiday, but if this…

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