What Makes A Doctor?

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The typical reaction of a person when ill is to run to the doctor, receive a prescribed medication and go about your merry way. Herbs and other natural remedies can be as effective as conventional medicine. Our culture often encourages a dependence on medical doctors, drugs and healthcare systems to fix ailments. What a naturopathic doctor does is establish the underlying reason of the health problem: “Instead of looking at the signs and symptoms and then treating the disease, herbalists look at the whole picture…” (“Health Services”). Natural medicine views the body and mind as one, a dysfunction in one area affects the other area. How you feel physically, spiritually, and mentally determines the state of overall health and wellbeing. When you don 't feel well every aspect of life is impacted. I strongly believe all individuals deserve the utmost care to find out exactly what is causing the health issue, rather than containing it with pain relievers. People all around the world should be striving for optimal health and demanding honest care from physicians.
The body is constantly aiming to attain homeostasis, and naturopathic doctors firmly believe natural treatments can greatly support this approach. Taking an active role in healing and treating the body as a whole is misunderstood by the general population. In order to facilitate optimal function of the body, it is essential to reinforce proper nourishment, balance and exercise on a daily basis. The pH balance of the
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