What Makes A Dream Job?

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Not sure what your dream job is? Want help figuring it out? Want to know how to get your dream job? As you can imagine, it takes more than a few interview tips and a guide on planning your life. This book gets under the skin of what you have to do to get your dream job and why some people seem to succeed so easily. There are no secret formulas or hidden truths in this book. There are just cold hard facts that you need to accept, along with realistic and actionable advice to get you from a job you hate to the job of your dreams.

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How To Find A Dream Job

Maybe you know what your dream job is already, or maybe you are like most people and have no idea. The sad thing is that in school, kids are not shown all the options they have. There is no chart in classrooms telling students what they can be if they study hard in this or that subject. Most people are completely unaware that a job they will love for the rest of their days is out there somewhere, they just don’t know what it is. This book will help guide you towards your dream job, even if you do not know what it is.

What are you good at and what do you enjoy The truth is that people excel in jobs they enjoy. Consider the alternative. Would you willingly put in unpaid overtime for a job you hate? Would you take courses and classes in your own time and at your own expense in order to get better at a job you hate? Would you willingly read books on how to improve your skills if you had to apply…
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