What Makes A Effective Leader? Essay

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I. What is Leadership?
“At times of change or dealing with uncertainty or in a crisis-- that is when the best leader will shine” (Ellis, 2016). A leader who can work effectively in a complicated, unpredictable situation is a competent leader and he tirelessly works to improve his capabilities (Ledlow & Coppola, 2010). All great leaders are known for communicating effectively what they want to achieve. They are visionaries who have the ability to lead others toward a shared goal (Gibson & Weber, 2015).

Joseph Raelin (2016), a Northeastern University professor of management and organization development, recently published the article “Rethinking Leadership.” He said, “Leadership is really not about the leaders themselves. It’s about the collective practice among people who work together— accomplishing the choices we make together in our mutual work” (Raelin,

II. What makes an effective leader?
Linda S. Tyler (2016), a pharmacist and Webb Lecture award recipient stumbled upon a research, Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters that studied 180,000 participants from 81 diverse organizations worldwide. Participants were asked what leadership trait is common in your organization? Organizations with strong leadership performance commonly showed four behaviors : solve problems effectively, result oriented, welcomes different perspective and supportive of others.
In a study conducted by National Health Service of England, observers agreed that strategic behavior, i.e. the
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