What Makes A Effective Leadership?

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I would rather say that I have made an average progress in understanding what effective leadership requires and how to get better ethical outcomes in the workplace. The readings present informative aspects of what constitutes an effective leadership and in my opinion a guide to the real world, for ethical decision making. Indeed shaping oneself to become a leader is not an overnight process, one requires great patience and time to develop strong leadership styles to help harness the followers skills and talents they bring to an organization. The leadership styles characterizes of skills, situational and behavioral approaches. These three approaches are essential to effective leadership if only they are better understood by the leaders themselves. Skills approach for example, appears to be a vital approach because it is important to accomplish goals and objectives and solve complex problems in the workplace. Combining these three basic administrative skills that is technical, human and conceptual ought to help leaders understand the dynamics of goals at hand, the followers and the overall objectives of an organization. Behavioral approach on the other hand, constitute two kinds of behavior that could determined an effective leadership. The task and relationship behaviors when synthesised produce efforts that would reach the goals of an organization. Situational approach conversely requires that leader’s ability to adjust his style to the demands of the different
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