What Makes A Failing Tree Bough Crashed Through The Kitchen Window

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The argument I find There Will Come Soft Rains to be making is that nature does not need humans or human interaction to survive and will in fact outlive them and their creations to reclaim the Earth. Humans are very complex and need more upkeep to survive. Nature on the other hand needs no help and can live on its own. Nature wouldn’t even notice if humans were gone and would most likely thrive without them. Humans and their creations on the other hand wouldn’t be able to survive without upkeep.
One of the main points of evidence I have found to support this argument is how in the end of the story “a failing tree bough crashed through the kitchen window” (Bradbury) of the home, causing the kitchen to burst into flames. This sets off a chain of events that ultimately lead to the homes demise. This evidence is important because it shows how nature destroys the last standing home and because there are no humans to keep up the house, it does so with ease. If the humans were still taking care of the house, it would not have run out of water to actually put out the fire. Nature on the other hand does need maintenance from humans. Nature takes care of itself and thrives without human interaction. If humans were not around to cut the grass, the grass would just grow and grow with no need to stop. It is only the humans’ preference the grass be cut, not natures.
The fact that the house ran out of water is another point of evidence that nature does not need human interaction to…
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