What Makes A Family?

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As a leader, I have five core values that matter most to me; having a family, maintaining order(tranquility), meaningful work, growth, and truth. I strongly believe in each one of these components. Having a family is so important because they are a main support system. Family doesn’t have to be someone who is blood related. Family can be anyone who you feel means a lot to you and supports you. Maintaining order(tranquility) is important because in the work place, you need to have organization of some sort. With order, everything will simply fall into place. Meaningful work describes itself. If what you’re doing isn’t meaningful to you then why are you doing it? Growth is a key component because the point of doing something is hopefully to reach a goal that you have set for yourself. You should aim to keep growing to eventually reach your goals. Finally, truth is another very important value that I have. I believe truth can bring you happiness. If you are living your life with lies on your mind you will never be content. Altogether, these five components make up my list of most important personal values. As my team, you will first work individually to come up with your own ideas. It is important to brainstorm on your own to see what your own mind can come up with. You would be surprised how much you can think of on your own if you really try. Next, you will all come together as a team and share your individual ideas. I believe that by working as a team you are able to come
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