What Makes A Fashion Designer?

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Fashion Designer Imagine seeing people at a fashion show clapping for your amazing designs and then you knowing you chose the right one. Fashion Designing is my career I chose. A Fashion Designer is a person who creates original clothing and accessories. They also have to pick out fabrics and buttons. I chose this career because my mom wanted to do this and she couldn 't because she got pregnant with me and she had brought the idea to my head. So I did some research for the following topics Work Environment, Education and Training, Important Qualities and Salary and Job Outlook. Work Environment There are many duties as a Fashion Designer. One duty is picking out fabrics. As a Fashion Designer it’s very important because that 's what makes up the whole collections. My thoughts about this is I would love to do this because I love picking out fabrics. The second duty is picking out a theme for a collection. When designing clothes they only design them to put them in a collection. For example, they can do a Winter collection with Vest, and jeans. My thought about this is it would be hard to only design something for a collection. In conclusion, there are many duties as a Fashion Designer. There are many areas where Fashion designers work. Some of the areas included a Designer Firms. A design Firm is where you designe variety of things in one or more fields in design. I wouldn 't like this because I like to work alone to get things done easier and faster.
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