What Makes A Firefighter?

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Firefighter Firefighting is a hard job with long hours and typically long hours off as well. Firefighters are responsible for saving people’s lives and rescuing people who are trapped inside blazing fires. “Roman Emperor Augustus created regulations for checking and preventing fires they were known as the watchmen.The equipment used in early modern times and ancient Rome was very basic. Their method was very time consuming and most of the water was lost while it bounced around being passed” (“History of FireFighting”).They perform many duties in an independent manner, but working as a team can be a very vital part of being a firefighter. Being a firefighter is a very rewarding job and can also be challenging for many people. In this paper, you will learn about what it takes to become one, career requirements and qualifications, working conditions and salary, typical day, future needs for the career, and the interest in the career. Career Requirements and Qualifications: This job attracts thousands of people because a high school diploma was usually copious. Having a higher education can lead to increased employment and help you increase your salary. Regardless of an individual’s education, a firefighter’s training primarily takes place on the job. All candidates are expected to pass a written, physical ,and medical examinations to be considered for the job. “After this completion , you’ll go through the National Firefighter Selection, process to assure you are suitable for
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