What Makes A Generous Person Generous?

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When asked the question what makes a generous person generous, one could easily answer that a person is generous because he performs generous actions. According to Aristotle this relation is true, but he understands and address the critics view. Aristotle explains that one must follow other guidelines aside from performing generous actions to become a generous.
In the first paragraph of Chapter 4, Book 2 in Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle raises the question,” What we mean by saying that we must become just by doing just acts, and temperate by doing temperate acts; for if men do just and temperate acts, they are already just and temperate, exactly as, if they do what is in accordance with the laws of grammar and of music, they are grammarians and musicians.” In the following paragraph, Aristotle clarifies that it is possible to perform actions in accordance to the laws of grammar in total accident or solely because someone else has told him to perform in that manner. If that is the case than a person is not a grammarian because he does not understand why he writes or reads the way he does. Furthermore, Aristotle explains that unlike the art of music, that reaches excellence through its finished product, actions such as generosity and other virtues reach their excellence not only by the finished action but by the character in which it is completed.
Performing generous actions is not enough to become generous. The action must meet other guidelines in order for one to reach the
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