What Makes A Gift?

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The idea of a gift is hardly anything new. Offering a reward for a recommendation or for referring business to a certain service or goods supplier is often seen as a reasonable advertising tactic. Many businesses and members of the community will often give gifts, such as free services or offers to pay for food for the officer. For police officers, for whom a great deal of integrity and a high moral caliber is required, the idea of them taking a gift is a potential nightmare for a police chief or for a member of the management. And often many officers are unaware of what a gift can entail and what it can mean for the person giving it or their intentions behind it. In fact, many gifts are seemingly innocuous and do no actual harm to the integrity of the police force. But there are cases where they can do damage to the reputation and image of the police force, and to prevent that, there needs to be a clear policy on the taking of gifts for a police officer in Lynchburg, in order to prevent a loss of respect in the eyes of the public and preserve our image and the faith in our “brand” of policing in order to protect it from allegations and prevent any chance of a founded accusation from arising out of this issue.
The one of the big problem of taking a gift of any kind is the perception that it can give someone outside of the situation. While the officer and the business may see no problem with a complimentary cup of coffee here and there, in the eyes of another, this can
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